POST Academy

A Premier Destination for Law Enforcement Training in Colorado

Attending the FLATROCK Regional Training Police Academy means you’ll receive 22-weeks, full-time, hands-on intensive police training. The program is designed to prepare an individual to enter the field of law enforcement as a recruit. These academies are conducted with instructors and staff that are passionate and experienced. 

Each academy class vary in size based on enrollment. We can accommodate larger classes than most other academies, and still provide proper education while building confidence in a recruit.

Empowering Cadets to Succeed in Law Enforcement

The FLATROCK Regional Training Center is equipped with all the law enforcement style venues needed to provide a recruit with the best training to begin their law enforcement career. While attending the academy, recruits are continuously tested on the retention of their knowledge in all the training conducted during the academy. The classroom instruction and skills instruction are all designed to teach a recruit with knowledge, even with no prior law enforcement. This is done at a level that is simple to learn, and with enough repetition to build knowledge and confidence at the same time. 
We pride ourselves in the outcome product of our recruits - our instructors will build a recruit that when they leave our academy, they are prepared to take the next step in their law enforcement career. Our program is very challenging but not impossible.

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